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SCHOOL INTERVENTIONS – Outdoor activities are a great way to motivate young people, they build confidence, self esteem, trust, communication skills, leadership and much more. We work with one of our partner organisations to put together a mixture of outdoor activities, construction, community projects, environmental and horticultural activities to re-engage young people and we can run such activities in Swale and Ashford.

1, Primary AID (Adventure Intervention Development) Programme 

We take students out of the classroom and into the outdoors, one day a week for a six week programme (termly) of outdoor adventurous and educational activities, activities that help them to develop key skills such as team building/ problem solving, self confidence, communication, trust, leadership, functional and social skills plus much more. This programme can either be run at your school as outreach or at Bexon Lane Scout Camp (near Sittingbourne)

2, KS2 PE and secondary school PE courses

KS2 PE can be either half day or full day per term we come into school and deliver outdoor educational activities, working in partnership with the school to put together a bespoke programme that has age appropriate activities for every year group, team building, problem solving, archery, climbing, survival skills, assault course and more. Half a day working with a class of 30 costs £1260 per year, around £7 per child per day (£210 per term) and a full day working with two classes of 30 (am and pm) costs £1890 per year, around £5.25 per child per day (£315 per term)

For secondary schools we can offer induction days for new year 7 students that will get them to work together and make new friendships as well as archery and climbing activities that will satisfy the GCSE PE syllabus.

3, Adult/ corporate team building days

Our adult/ corporate team building days are not only great fun, taking part in a bespoke programme of physical and mental challenges but they help local communities and schools. Whatever the cost of the team building day you book, Creed Outdoor Learning Trust will give you half the cost back in the form of a voucher that your company can give to any local school towards a day of Creed Activities for their children.

A typical team building day including lunch and refreshments at Bexon Lane Scout Camp (near Sittingbourne) costs around £35 per person

4, Facilitating Learning and feedback

A one day course designed for instructors that work in the outdoors with young people and adults, regardless of their experience as we can either learn new things or reinforce and regenerate old ideas.

course syllabus looks at learning styles, approaches to group work, when and how to feedback, allowing sessions to GROW, group self evaluation, various feedback tools to use.

5, A Basic Introduction to NLP for Outdoor Instructors

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) plays an ever increasing role within an outdoor learning environment and can help instructors build rapport with groups and understand learnt behaviour patterns. Our one day course will give you some basic information and knowledge about NLP and some tools to use with groups.

Course syllabus  covers what is NLP?, Principals of NLP, mapping, filters, sensory acuity and language, communication, building rapport, setting and forming outcomes, presuppositions and tools to use.

6. Explode your potential

A course designed to teach people how to think, not what to think.

This is a motivational course for young people and adults alike that want to look at setting goals and targets, motivating and focusing themselves and realising their potential that they have to change their life. Developed by Creed, involving NLP methods, group activities and discussions to focus thoughts and develop self motivation and confidence.

7, Working with Challenging Behaviour

A course designed for those working with challenging young people, the course looks at different types of challenging behaviour, reasons why young people behave in the way they do and some strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour

8, Climbing wall tuition 

Course syllabus over two days includes awareness of safety rules and hazards, appropriate dress and behaviour, putting on a harness and helmet correctly, participate in warm ups, connecting harness to rope with a retied figure of 8 knot with stopper knot, climbing a chosen route with confidence, safe belaying under supervision, correct method of descending by climber, basic climbing moves all in line with nationally approved courses

9, Rock Climbing Tuition

Learn the basics of rock climbing on sandstone at Harrisons Rock near Groombridge, either in a group of up to 10 people or one-to-one. Learn about different techniques, bouldering and top roped climbing with all the specialist safety equipment supplied by Creed.


10, Archery Tuition and Taster Sessions

Creed Outdoor Learning run archery sessions for beginners and once you have grasped the basic we can progress you to the junior progression award (-18) and adults new to the sport, work your way up through the grades and from white to gold and progress into  local competitions and club archery

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