In this area we have put some free resources for schools to download and use, if you use them please leave us feedback about how the activities worked with your group. Also please look at some of the other activities that we can provide for your school or youth group. They will all fit into our Risk assessment for team building found in our documents area and as teachers will know the students that have asthma and other conditions.

KS1 mathercise is an physical exercise course involving shapes, colours and directions that will link into math


We have set out some simple team building activities that schools can run with equipment that you will already have in the PE/ Sports cupboard


We also supply a variety of team building equipment that is made to order by our experienced carpenters. We can supply small mobile equipment such as we use on our outreach days. Activities can vary as we always try to meet the needs of the school.



They include “activity cards” which includes, set up, challenge, rules, risk assessment, talking points and links to learning, training can also be provided if required. Time scales for delivery of equipment will be agreed when placing an order and a deposit will be required.

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