School site activities

OUTREACH ACTIVITIES – Creed Outdoor Learning Trust offers a full outreach programme that can be delivered on your own school site. Our mobile rock climbing wall can be erected on school fields or playgrounds, we have a mobile physical activity course (assault course), field archery (if sufficient space), soft archery for younger students or if limited space, Archery tag for the more physical, more than 50 team building and problem solving activities, survival skills (shelters, fire, water) navigation/ orienteering and a mobile low ropes course being developed at this moment in time. NO COACH TRAVEL REQUIRED!

As a partner in the Swale Youth Consortium we can use figures from Swale youth and school groups against our targets and outcomes and so we offer Swale groups a 10% cheaper rate.

SCHOOL SITE CAMPING – We could bring our tents to your school and provide activities giving your students a real taste of adventure without going off school site. We have tents for more than 60 students plus staff and roll mats and sleeping bags if required. We will build an experience that suits the needs of the school group, contact us for more details, the sample programme link below shows two possible options for programmes.


MOBILE ROCK CLIMBING WALL – can be hired at an additional cost of £225 per day in Swale and £247.50 for Kent groups outside of Swale, this includes a qualified instructor for school activity days. It is less than half the price of our nearest competitor and working with groups of 15 at a time we can get through 2 – 3 classes during a school day.

If you want the mobile rock climbing wall at your school fete or charity event, please see the wall hire policy mobile climbing wall hire policy we will come along for free, charge people to climb and then donate a percentage of what we take to the school/charity. We do this as a way of advertising and hope that the school will then use us for other outdoor provision throughout the year (if they dont we will give priority to another school in future years)

TEAM BUILDING DAYS – If it is just team building you are looking for, maybe to get your new year 7’s to make new friends and help with the transition into secondary school, maybe you just need a particular year group to bond better or your staff are looking to have a fun introduction to outdoor learning. Either way it costs the same, we can either run activities using one instructor per 15 students or using the Creed Carousel we can work one to thirty to keep the cost down.

ARCHERY – we offer soft archery for younger students or if space is limited at the school (can be run indoors/ school hall) field archery using proper bows and arrows onto targets, if sufficient space within the school grounds. Also we offer archery tag, a great new combat game where you get to shoot at each other with specially designed foam tipped arrows.

one instructor for the day including equipment is £170 in Swale and £187 for all other Kent groups and schools and we then charge £120 per additional instructor (this is the same cost for a day using the assault course, archery or survival skills)

KS2 PE, OEAA – With the increase to sports funding we have developed an Outdoor Education and Adventure Activity programme that links into the KS2 PE curriculum OEAA not only linking into the PE curriculum but also linking into maths, English, geography, history, IT, science as well as providing students with life skills such as teamwork, communication, self confidence, leadership and much more.


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