Kent Foundation Expedition

The Kent Foundation (  help and support young entrepreneurs  to develop or expand their business ideas. Part of their week away is to be taken out of their comfort zone a little, by camping out, taking part in activities, including an expedition.

They arrived at 6pm Wednesday to learn about putting up a tent, cooking their own food etc, they spent the night camping out (in the rain) at Bexon Road scout camp, Creed set up some team building activities for them on Wednesday evening (when they beat Creeds previous record for void 4.1m) and on Thursday morning they done a bit of climbing and an abseil, before setting out on a 7 km walk back to Doddington where they have been staying. Each took a turn to lead and at the end of each leg of the journey they had an activity to do. The last part of the walk was through some very high crops but they survived and will probably sleep very well tonight, everyone was challenged and appeared to have a  great time


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