KS2 PE OEAA programme (Outdoor Educational and Adventurous Activities)

Creed Outdoor Learning Trust have put together, what we believe to be the first ever fully adventurous programme that fits into the KS2 PE curriculum without children having to leave the school site.

The programme is delivered by experienced, qualified staff one morning per term with up to 30 students (or 60 students for the whole day) 6 x 2 hour sessions each session split into two activities meaning 12 x 1 hour activities over the course of the year. Also very cost effective £3.50 per child per hour for 30 students and if you go for the full day and 60 students the cost goes down to £2.63 per child per hour.

  1. term 1, team building and problem solving
  2. term 2, orienteering (maps, compass work)
  3. term 3, trust activities (blindfolds etc)
  4. term 4, physical activity (assault course/ fitness trail)
  5. term 5, archery/ survival skills (soft archery if limited space)
  6. term 6, climbing wall and low ropes (all mobile)

key-stage-2-pe this flyer has been sent to schools in Swale, Canterbury, Herne Bay, Thanet and Ashford but we can deliver it anywhere in Kent.

Contact us for more details if required

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